For nearly two decades, James has represented clients in complex litigation and appeals that affect not just the parties, but all of the people of Texas.

As an experienced litigator, James listens closely to his clients in order to learn quickly the most minute details of their businesses, disputes, and needs. But it’s not enough that he knows the details—he has to explain those details in terms the judge and jury will understand.  At the same time, James’ clients trust him to translate the litigation process into recommendations on which they can act.  James has been his clients’ explainer/translator in courts across Texas—from Orange County to El Paso County.

Having practiced in San Antonio for four years and in Dallas more than ten before joining Lloyd Gosselink, James has broad experience representing both public and private clients in a variety of industries and in a wide range of cases.

James recognizes that litigation is often decided before suit is filed. Accordingly, James and his team often get involved in a dispute at the earliest possible time. When that happens, James and his team can identify potential witnesses, develop possible claims against the opposing party, and identify the most favorable venue in which to bring suit. With early involvement of a trusted litigator, a party can ensure that it can enter litigation in the best possible location and on the best possible footing.

But James does not focus solely on the courthouse. James recognizes that a client’s needs are often best pursued through negotiation, conciliation, and mediation. So James’ early involvement will often result in litigation not being undertaken at all.

If litigation is necessary, however, James has the experience to take the case from its very beginning to its ultimate conclusion. James and his team have tried numerous cases to judges and juries, obtaining favorable outcomes from both. In addition, James has argued cases in the state and federal appeals courts, obtaining favorable decisions for clients at the appellate level.