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Episode Three – What’s Happening with my Gas Bill? An Update on Recent Rate Impacts for Customers of Investor-owned Gas Utilities

Join Jamie Mauldin, a principal in the Energy and Utility Practice Group, as she navigates the landscape of rising costs impacting your gas bills. Explore the root causes behind these escalations, gain insights into their unfolding, and uncover what to anticipate for the future. Tune in for an authority’s analysis of the forces shaping our energy expenses.

Episode Two – Employment Law Update

Join Employment Law associates, Michelle White and Jessi Maynard, as they deliver the latest employment law update in their insightful episode. Dive into the recent legal changes surrounding workplace accommodations, focusing on pregnancy, religion, and disability updates. They enrich their discussion with real-life examples, offering practical applications and making the complex world of workplace accommodations accessible to all.

Episode One – Exploring the TCEQ’s Audit Privilege Act Program

Join Jeffrey Reed, a principal in our Air & Waste Practice Group, as he explores the TCEQ’s Audit Privilege Act Program. Gain valuable insights to enhance your organization’s environmental compliance efforts.

Episode Two – The ABCs of CCNs

Water Practice Group Principal David Klein shares the ABCs of CCNs  (Certificates of Convenience and Necessity) focusing on water and wastewater CCNs. This podcast is both a background and an introduction to CCNs. 

Episode One – Legislative Lookout: What to Expect during the 88th Legislative Session

Government Relations Practice Group members discuss what to look out for during the upcoming 88th Session of the Texas Legislature. Listen in as practice group chair, Ty Embrey, and Madison Huerta discuss the outlook for state agencies, hot topic issues, and the future of utilities in Texas. Ty and Madison also discuss environmental issues that may affect you and how Lloyd Gosselink can help you stay in the know. 

Episode Five – The Administrative Appeal Process

Litigation Practice Group Principal, Gabrielle Smith, talks about the administrative appeal process/judicial review process. She dives into what happens after an agency issues a final order or decision following a contested case in an administrative proceeding, the next steps, and beyond.

Episode Four – Helping TCEQ Help You: Reflections from Former Agency Attorneys

Roslyn Dubberstein and Jessie Spears, with Nathan Vassar as moderator, share their behind-the-scenes knowledge on how to successfully navigate the processes in the TCEQ. Dubberstein and Spears speak from experience as former TCEQ attorneys from the litigation and environmental law divisions respectively.

Episode Three – Employment Law Update

In this episode, Sheila Gladstone and Jessica Maynard touch on some interesting and important topics currently at play in the landscape of employment law. They discuss recent workplace developments in sexual harassment, Covid-19, paid leave, medical marijuana, and Texas open carry laws.

Episode Two – Federal Water Issues Update

Water Practice Group attorneys, Nathan Vassar and Lauren Thomson, share their insights into current Federal Water issues. They discuss Lead and Copper, Waters of the United States (WOTUS), Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), and much more.

Episode One – Regulatory Changes After Winter Storm Uri

One year has passed since Winter Storm Uri. In this episode, Energy and Utility Practice Group attorneys, Thomas Brocato and Taylor Denison, discuss the changes to the legal landscape set forth by the February 2021 storm that greatly impacted Texas. They dive into what happened, why it happened, the changes that followed, and what is still to come.

Episode Seven – Legislative Update (a Regular Session Like No Other)

Governmental Relations Practice Group Chair, Ty Embrey joins us again to close out this season’s episodes. He sits down to provide a recap of the Regular Session of the Texas Legislature and how the Regular Session was unique due to Winter Storm Uri and COVID-19.

Episode Six – Regulation of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)

Sara Thornton and Lauren Thomas are back, joining us to discuss per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and how these chemicals are affecting the regulatory worlds of drinking water and wastewater. They cover EPA’s PFAS Action Plan and developments affecting the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act.

Episode FIve – Governmental Immunity and Contract Provisions

Attorneys Stefanie Albright, a principal in the Districts Practice Group, and James Parker, a principal in the Litigation Practice Group, join together to talk about the different aspects of immunity issues that might arise in contracts with governmental entities.

Episode Four – Ethics and Leadership in Challenging Times

Lauren Kalisek moves from being the moderator to a guest on the “Listen In With Lloyd Gosselink” podcast. As a principal and chair in the Districts Practice Group, she has observed public officials in the last year who rose to the challenge of doing the right thing for their citizens through COVID-19, the Texas winter storm, and more. Lauren shares a look back on the history of leadership and ethics in Texas and how current leaders build on this history to navigate new challenges. 

Episode Three – Federal Policy Updates in the New Administration

In this episode, Sara Thornton, Nathan Vassar, and Lauren Thomas discuss federal policy updates in the new administration. They will be speaking about changes in federal agency priorities and how those policy updates may impact the regulated community in Texas.

Episode Two – Employment Law during COVID-19: How to Implement a COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Sarah Glaser and Emily Linn, attorneys in Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend, P.C.’s Employment Law Practice Group, discuss COVID-19 vaccination policies, whether employers can require their employees to get vaccinated, and how employers can prepare for their employees returning to the office and interacting with clients post-pandemic.

Episode One – Working and Retiring at Lloyd Gosselink

Attorney Jamie Mauldin from the Energy and Utility Practice Group (EUPG) interviews past EUPG Chair Georgia Crump to talk about her time working at Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend. Georgia recently retired after 31 years of supporting the Firm, her clients, and her team. She discusses her experiences and gives us a glimpse into the knowledge she’s shared with other Firm attorneys, so the class of service and trust she helped build will continue.

Episode Seven – Podcast Wrap: Goodbye 2020 & Hello 2021!

Attorneys Lauren Kalisek, Nathan Vassar, and William (Cody) Faulk come together to chat about the season 1 recap of Listen In With Lloyd Gosselink and what is coming in 2021 with the launch of season 2!

Episode Six – The Texas Legislature (COVID Edition)

Ty Embrey, Governmental Relations Practice Group Chair, shares how the election results can impact the Texas Legislature and why we should get involved.

Episode Five – Navigable Waters Protection Rule: Waters Of The United States (WOTUS)

Nathan Vassar and Lauren Thomas, attorneys in the Firm’s Water Practice Group, discuss WOTUS associated with EPA’s Clean Water Rule. 

Episode Four – Dos and Don’ts of Interviewing & Hiring Legally (COVID Edition)

Sheila Gladstone, Employment Law Practice Group Chair, talks about how you can navigate interviewing and hiring potential candidates in a legal way.

Episode Three – PUC & Rate Cases

Chris Brewster and Jamie Mauldin, two principals in the Firm’s Energy and Utility Practice Group discuss two major electric rate cases that have shaped a significant precedent in the Public Utility Commission. 

Episode Two – Lead & Copper Rule

Nathan Vassar and Lauren Thomas, attorneys in the Firm’s Water Practice Group, discuss EPA’s proposed Lead and Copper Rule, the first major regulation in nearly thirty years.

Episode One – A Litigator’s Perspective on COVID-19

Jose de la Fuente, the Chair of Lloyd Gosselink’s Litigation Practice Group and James Parker, also a principal in that practice group, discuss contract performance, liability, and managing risk in this new era of COVID 19.

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