We help you avoid it. If you can't, we help you win.

We help you avoid it. If you can’t, we help you win.

Lloyd Gosselink’s Litigation Practice Group has decades of experience advocating for public sector clients in Texas. We have litigated unique and challenging cases on our clients’ behalf in state and federal courts throughout the state.

We’re an essential part of our clients’ teams, seeking creative solutions and balancing results with value. The pre-litigation processeither allowing a client to avoid litigation altogether or positioning the client for success once the matter becomes a formal disputeis a key part of our approach. We excel in alternative dispute resolution processes (mediation, arbitration, med-arb and other ADR mechanisms).

When the time comes, our team creatively and aggressively asserts and defends our clients’ rights in court. We are dedicated advocates and seek the most efficient result for our clients, representing their interests with vigor and determination in matters ranging from ordinary contract disputes to complex cases involving novel legal issues, such as bond validation suits, long-term utility contract disputes, and numerous matters involving questions unique to the public sector, such as immunity, preemption, and constitutional questions. Additionally, a benefit of our firm’s strong interdisciplinary approach is that we understand how to work towards solutions utilizing the litigation, administrative, and legislative processes, often on parallel tracks. And finally, to hold on to your hard-fought win, we regularly represent our clients before most courts of appeals in Texas, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of Texas, including expedited appeals and direct appeals.

Our Litigation Practice Group has experience in a variety of areas including:

  • Public entity legal issues, such as immunity, preemption, and statutory scopes of authority
  • Complex commercial, transactional and contract disputes
  • Bond validation suits
  • Environmental litigation
  • Business torts litigation
  • Employment litigation
  • Real estate and land development controversies
  • Construction and construction-related disputes
  • Fiduciary, partnership and corporate liability claims
You get the whole team

Our clients enjoy the unique advantage of our trial attorneys working closely with the attorneys in our other practice groups. Combining our experience in the courtroom with our attorneys’ experience and knowledge in the other practice areas allows us to serve as aggressive, effective advocates and use a team approach to resolve oftentimes highly technical and publicly sensitive disagreements more discreetly and cost-effectively.

When working in this capacity, our Litigation Practice Group attorneys often:

  • Counsel and advise our clients on strategies to position their cases to avoid litigation altogether, including consideration of related business and political concerns
  • Build a record of facts and evidence to position our clients to win their cases should the opposition pursue litigation
  • Skillfully and efficiently navigate the process of litigating disputes in state court, federal court, and administrative hearings
  • Manage and win precedent-setting disputes involving novel and sensitive matters of business, law, and politics

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