LG Gives

Since 1984, Lloyd Gosselink has continued to actively give back to our community. As part of our core values, we are devoted to various charitable events and volunteer opportunities for our team.

We are regularly involved with the following organizations and events:

Meals on Wheels

The Meal Delivery Program is a holistic nutritional program that provides home-delivered prepared meals for seniors throughout the Austin area. Every week our attorneys and staff volunteer to deliver the meals to them. We are proud to say that our firm has been involved with this organization for the past 14 years.

In March, the Firm made the donation to Meals on Wheels during the Amplify Austin Drive—which was doubled by the Anderson Foundation to help meet the goal of $20,000. 

Central Texas Food Bank

Every year we volunteer and help sort thousands of pounds of food to provide meals for those in need. This year we helped sort over 4,000 pounds of food that will provide over 3,600 meals. This year, we visited the Central Texas Food Bank to make a $2,500 donation as part of our giving initiatives.

Family Eldercare Summer Fan Drive

Every year before summer, our firm is part of the Family Eldercare Summer Fan Drive. We collect new fans and cash donations and deliver them to the Family Eldercare.

This year, Lloyd Gosselink was recognized as a “Cool Cat” sponsor and community partner during the Eldercare Fan Drive fundraising event. The Firm increased our donation and participated in their Fan 4 Paws Fan Drop Off Parade, highlighting and bringing awareness to senior citizen’s companion animals that benefit from the fan drive.

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