Austin Family Eldercare Fan Drive

The Summer Fan Drive provides a new box and oscillating fans to seniors, adults with disabilities, and families with children in Central Texas. These fans offer heat relief from dangerous Texas Summer heat, a service that is critical to vulnerable clients, especially the medically fragile, very old, or very young. In 2018, Family Eldercare delivered over 7,500 fans across 14 counties. More than 10,000 senior, adults with disabilities, and families with children benefited from the fan drive.

As Central Texas’ senior population continues to swell at one of the fastest rates in the nation, your support is more critical than ever. Please consider donating a NEW 20” box fan, a NEW 12” oscillating fan OR a financial contribution this year.

Lloyd Gosselink will be collecting new fans and monetary donations at our office until June 13. If you would like to donate or help this great cause, please contact Clara Bonilla at or 512-322-5899.

Learn more about Austin Family Eldercare Fan Drive:

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