Feb 17 2023

Utility Leadership and Management Conference

Nathan Vassar will provide a “Legislative and Water Policy Update”… Read More

Nov 14 2022

21st Annual Bell County Water Symposium

Cole Ruiz will be on a panel discussing “State, Regional, and Local Water Policy Issues”… Read More

Nov 01 2022

2022 National Clean Water Law & Enforcement Seminar

Nathan Vassar will participate in a Roundtable Discussion on “Revised Water Quality Criteria: Pipe Dream or in the Pipe? Seminar Agenda… Read More

Nov 01 2022

Coastal Bend Section Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT)/Texas American Water Works Association (TAWWA)

Nathan Vassar will be presenting “PFAS: Regulatory Reality and Hurdles Ahead for Water/Wastewater Utilities”… Read More

Jul 19 2022

11th Annual Texas Groundwater Summit

Mike Gershon will be participating on a panel discussing “Navigating the Journey to and through a Contested Hearing” Agenda… Read More

Jul 08 2022

34th Annual Texas Environmental Superconference

James Aldredge will be presenting “TCEQ’s Antidegradation Policy” Agenda… Read More

May 02 2022

Water Environment Association of Texas Governmental Affairs Committee

Nathan Vassar will moderate “Sanitary Sewer System Consent Decree Negotiation, Approval, and Implementation” Agenda… Read More

Apr 19 2022

UT Law Land Use Conference

Cole Ruiz will be presenting “Growing Pains: The Evolving Law and Regulations Governing Retail Water Service to Municipal ETJs in Times of Urban Sprawl” Agenda… Read More

Mar 07 2022

Texas A&M School of Law

Nathan Vassar and Lauren Thomson are presenting a “Federal Water Issues Update”… Read More

Feb 08 2022

Texas Water Conservation Association Annual Convention

Lauren Thomas will be giving a “WOTUS Update”. Agenda… Read More

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