Jun 28 2022

Texas Public Power Association 2022 Annual Meeting

Thomas Brocato will be presenting “The Changing World of MOU TCOS Filings at the PUC” Conference Agenda… Read More

Apr 04 2022

2022 Texas City Attorneys Association Summer Conference

Thomas Brocato and Roslyn Dubberstein will be providing a “Utility Related Update” Conference Agenda… Read More

Feb 07 2022

Inn of Court

Thomas Brocato will be discussing “Winter Storm Uri: What Happened and the Fallout”… Read More

Feb 07 2022

Texas Public Power Association 2022 Legal Seminar

Thomas Brocato is presenting “PUC 2.0: New Faces, New Policies, and New Rules”… Read More

Nov 03 2021

2021 TATOA Conference

Jamie Mauldin will be presenting “Streaming Wars: the Fight Against Netflix and Hulu” Agenda… Read More

Aug 06 2021

Texas Coalition of Cities for Utility Issues Annual Seminar

Thomas Brocato will present “Winter Storm 2021 – What Really Happened and Why? What Next? Legislative and Regulatory Response to the Winter Storm Power Outage” Thomas Brocato and Jamie Mauldin will be giving a “State Agency Update on… Read More

May 14 2021

Texas City Attorneys Association Summer Conference

Robyn Katz will discuss “Animal Issues” including dangerous dog ordinances, compliance with TX SC cases, best practices for drafting ordinances, etc. Read More

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