May 18 2021

Rural Telecom TXConnect Membership Summit

Sheila Gladstone will discuss “Fire, Aim, Ready? Panel Discussion Navigating Concealed Carry”… Read More

May 18 2021

Certified Public Manager Program/Texas State

Sheila Gladstone will present “2021 Guide to Workplace Law”… Read More

Mar 15 2021

Texas City Attorneys Association Summer Conference

Sheila Gladstone will present “Fair Labor Standards Act, Overview and Update”… Read More

Jan 02 2021

Texas Society of CPAs

Sheila Gladstone will present “Top Ten Employment Law Hot Topics for 2021”… Read More

Dec 29 2020

Certified Public Manager Course (CPM- Texas State)

Sheila Gladstone will discuss “Employment Law for Public Employees”… Read More

Jan 31 2019
Jan 11 2019
Nov 09 2018

Workplace Harassment in the #MeToo Era

Conference Details and Agenda… Read More

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